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3M PELTOR SportTac Headset

3M PELTOR SportTac Headset

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3M™ PELTOR™ SportTac™ Headset offers adjustable hearing protection for hunting and shooting. The headset features an intelligent, instant-response, level-dependent function to help protect your hearing from sudden loud noise. It has an audio input for external radio and a foldable headband.

Specially designed hearing protectors for hunters and shooters;
Smooth level dependent function, protects the user from sudden loud impulse noise;
Equipped with automatic shut-off function;
Collapsible headband for easy storage;
Operating time: ~ 600 hours;
Audio input for external radio.

For instant-response hearing protection from sudden loud impulse noise use 3M™ PELTOR™ SportTac™ Headset. They are specifically designed for hunters and shooters with a level-dependent function and the ability to increase ambient sound levels when needed. The headset features 3M PELTOR™ dual-shell technology for a rugged build and improved durability. It has an audio input for external radio, comes equipped with an automatic shut-off function, and has an operating time of up to 600 hours. The headband is foldable for easy storage, and each headset comes with an extra pair of cup shells. There are two options for the cups, Black and red cups or green and orange cups.

3M PELTOR SportTac Headset weights about 650g with the package.

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