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Blackfolium RIFAK Vertical

Blackfolium RIFAK Vertical

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RIFAK (Rip-Away IFAK) is the first aid kit designed to carry all the lifesaving medical items that are needed to perform MARCH protocol. RIFAK is composed by an external pouch featuring a quick-release system developed to be extremely intuitive but also safe to be operated, and the removable internal insert, where the medical items are stored. The kit is available in both Horizontal and Vertical configurations.


This IFAK was developed with the real operational needs in mind. The result is an extremely compact medic-kit, with an easy and intuitive rip-Away system. Used together with FORK Panels (vertical or horizontal), it can be mounted under plate carrier as a kangaaroo pouch.

In photo: Operators of 185° RRAO carrying RIFAK.


1) S-Rolled Gauze (NAR)
2) Combat Gauze (QuikClot)
3) 4 x Nitrile Gloves / Thermal Blanket
4) 3" Elastic Bandage
5) 1" Adhesive Tape (3M)
6) TCCC Card
7) Chest Seal (HyFin or HALO)
8) Nasopharyngeal Airway (Robertazzi)
9) Permanent Marker / Pencil
10) 14ga. Decompression Needle (NAR)
11) 6.0 Endotracheal Tube
12) 10 ml Syringe
13) #10 Disposable Scalpel


Made out of the best materials according to strict manufacturing guidelines,  maximum reliability and safety for the operator is ensured.

Blackfolium RIFAK Vertical weights about 100g with the package.

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