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SchleTek Cera Grease (15 ml)

SchleTek Cera Grease (15 ml)

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High-performance grease for muzzle threads and all muzzle devices. For effortless assembly, disassembly, and optimum protection against seizure, corrosion and wear.

Cera-Grease is specially formulated for use on muzzle threads, adapters and muzzle devices. It perfectly withstands the extreme temperatures generating at the end of the barrel. The high- performance grease is non-toxic, metal-free, based on finest ceramic particles and suitable for any material. Therefore, Cera-Grease can be used even with aluminium parts without hesitation.

Due to its extraordinary temperature resistance from -20 °C to 1,500 °C (-4°F to 2,732°F) and its excellent release properties, Cera-Grease is not only the eagerly awaited solution for hunters and shooters to attach suppressors and choke tubes to rifles and shotguns (and even more important to safely demount them without any effort). It is also perfectly suited for heavy-duty use by the armed forces and the authorities. Even after material-consuming operations, removing muzzle brakes, flash suppressors and other muzzle devices becomes much less intimidating using Cera-Grease. Cera-Grease offers long-lasting protection against seizure, corrosion and wear, even under the toughest conditions, under vibrations and in highly corrosive environments.

• High temperature-resistant from -20 °C to 1,500 °C (-4°F to 2,732°F);
• Non-toxic;
• Copper-free, nickel-free, aluminium-free, sulphide-free, molybdenum-free, PTFE-free, silicone-free;
• Ceramic-based anti-seize formula;
• Excellent release properties;
• Considerably facilitates assembly and disassembly;
• Seals surfaces and protects from ambient influences;
• Efficiently prevents seizing up, baking and corrosion;
• Reduces friction resistance and wear significantly;
• Prevents galvanic corrosion when combining different metals;
• Exempt from labelling requirements for hazardous substances according to Regulation (EG) No. 1272/2008 (CLP)

• On the muzzle threads;
• With adapters;
• With all muzzle devices for shooters, hunters, the armed forces and the authorities, especially muzzle flash modulators such as silencers, flash suppressors also called flash hiders, muzzle brakes or recoil reducers, compensators, linear compensators, or muzzle boosters;
• As a choke tube lubricant with muzzle devices for shotguns, from cylindrical choke tubes to duckbill spreaders;
• When using the thread protector while no muzzle device is mounted;
• Anywhere, where high temperatures are generated and a high temperature-resistant, metal-free anti-seize lubricant is needed

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