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SchleTek 2 in 1 Gun Tuning PTFE & Ceramic High Tech Gun Oil

SchleTek 2 in 1 Gun Tuning PTFE & Ceramic High Tech Gun Oil

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The genuine all-rounder in gun care. Cleans, maintains, protects and improves precision. For all materials, including wood, plastic and noble metal ornaments.

Is your workbench littered with cans and bottles of gun cleaners, gun oils, rust protection, plastic care and gun stock care products? Then it´s time to clean up. From now on, using SchleTek 2in1 Gun-Tuning, you will only need a single product for almost all types of application.

SchleTek 2in1 Gun-Tuning is a sophisticated gun oil based on a combination of PTFE and micro-fine ceramic particles at an optimum mixture ratio. Inside the barrel it seals micro-irregularities, grooves and cracks and smoothes out the bore. In addition, it leaves behind a protective film like thousands of micro ball bearings which minimise friction-resistance between bore and bullet, thus increasing precision.

Due to this protective layer residue does not stick to or build up within the bore and can usually be removed without difficulties using a simple cleaning felt. This holds true for the whole firearm: Dust and dirt cannot stick to the surfaces. At the same time, the PTFE ceramic layer serves as an excellent anticorrosive in and on your gun and is also salt water and fresh water-resistant. 

SchleTek 2in1 Gun-Tuning is transparent, resin-free, non-greasy, and leaves no residue. Even at low temperatures or after long-term storage, it does not clump or gum up. No need to shoot the oil out with a fouling shot since SchleTek 2in1 Gun-Tuning is not based on mineral oils. As a result of the wide operating temperature range from - 40°C (- 40°F) to 750°C (1,382°F), your firearm is perfectly protected at any time, even during heavy-duty use and greater heat generation, when many conventional gun oils would deflagrate.

Last, but not least, 2in1 Gun-Tuning is ideal to maintain your gun stock and protect elaborate carvings, gold and silver elements, as well as rubber and plastic parts. With a highly effective, non-visible, protective layer, it shields them from ambient influences and restores their natural brilliance. And all this with a pleasant, unobtrusive smell.

Scope of application: The entire firearm, inside and outside, on all materials. Also suitable for use on knives and decorative guns.

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