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SchleTek Bore Cleaner (200 ml)

SchleTek Bore Cleaner (200 ml)

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Thorough and reliable bore cleaning that does not harm any surfaces. With practical quadruple application tube. Acid-free and free of ammonia. 

Frequent and thorough gun cleaning is not only a prerequisite to achieve maximum performance with your firearm, but also a decisive factor for your own safety during everyday’s use.

SchleTek Bore-Cleaner is a highly effective bore cleaner, whose innovative active ingredient complex has been developed especially to render a thorough cleaning effect without any aggressive ingredients, such as acids or ammonia. SchleTek Bore-Cleaner penetrates and dissolves fouling, residue and all types of undesired deposits, for example tombac, copper, zinc, black powder residue and oil, without affecting or harming the bore surfaces.

A specially designed quadruple application tube allows a well-targeted application of Bore-Cleaner in the bore of long guns. Hence Bore-Cleaner can also be applied evenly on deeply hidden and hard to reach spots in the bore. When using Bore-Cleaner in handguns, attaching the application tube may not be necessary and may be omitted. 

SchleTek Bore-Cleaner is safe, quick and easy to work with and is suitable for all types of firearms.

Instructions for use:

1. Introduce the included quadruple application tube into the bore.
2. While steadily pressing the spray button, pull the application tube through the bore to distribute Bore-Cleaner evenly and comprehensively on the inner surface.
3. If areas have not been reached and sprayed, repeat the process introducing the application tube this time on the opposite side.
4. Allow to take effect for approximately 5 minutes.
5. Then run a cleaning rod with brush through the bore to remove dissolved and loosened residue.
6. Use a cleaning felt for the last runs.
7. To eliminate stubborn fouling and deposits, repeat all steps.  

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