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Strike Industries Clicker

Strike Industries Clicker

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The Strike Clicker trainer is a left- and right-handed-accessible device for strengthening the strength of index fingers and thumbs. Its internal mechanisms guarantee it an average pulling force of more than 900 grams (2 pounds 2 ounces).

Exercises on the clicker significantly strengthen finger muscles, both in sports preparation and in the process of post-injury rehabilitation. In addition to its training and therapeutic function, the Strike Industries clicker can also be used to de-stress and occupy people with restless fingers. It can also be used for dog training.

The device is made of polymer and consists of four components, requiring cutting out of the frame and assembling. The mechanism is driven by two springs. The kit still includes mounting screws and rubber washers to absorb the impact energy of the internal mechanisms.

The clicker has a hole for a lanyard or paracord, allowing it to be hung by a key ring, for example, and carried as part of an Every Day Carry (EDC) kit.

• Pocket trainer for index fingers or thumbs
• Average pulling force of more than 900 grams
• Adaptable for left and right hand
• Helpful in motor rehabilitation
• Stress relieving function
• Can be used as a clicker for dog training
• Can be hung as a key ring on a bunch of keys or a lanyard
• Design to be cut out of the frame and assembled by yourself
• Mounting screws needed included in the kit

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