Lubricating the AR-15 Bolt Carrier Group

Lubricating the AR-15 Bolt Carrier Group

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How to Properly Lubricate Your AR-15 Bolt Carrier Group for Optimal Performance

Regular maintenance is crucial to keeping your AR-15 functioning smoothly and reliably. One of the most essential aspects of maintenance is properly lubricating the bolt carrier group (BCG). The BCG is a critical component responsible for the cycling action of your rifle, and proper lubrication can prevent malfunctions, reduce wear, and extend the life of your firearm. In this blog post, we'll walk you through the steps of lubricating your AR-15 BCG and share some tips to ensure your rifle operates at its best. Additionally, you'll find a link to our video, which visually demonstrates each step for your convenience.

Why Lubrication is Important?

Lubrication serves several key functions:

  1. Reduces Friction: Moving parts within the BCG generate friction, and lubrication minimizes this, ensuring smoother operation.
  2. Prevents Wear: Regular use can cause wear and tear on the BCG. Lubrication acts as a protective barrier, reducing the metal-to-metal contact that leads to wear.
  3. Protects Against Corrosion: Firearms are exposed to various elements that can cause rust and corrosion. Lubrication helps protect against moisture and other corrosive elements.
  4. Ensures Reliability: A well-lubricated BCG helps ensure your rifle cycles properly, reducing the likelihood of jams and malfunctions.

Step-by-Step Guide to Lubricating Your BCG

1. Gather Your Supplies

Before you begin, make sure you have the following:

  • High-quality firearm lubricant (oil or grease)
  • Safety glasses

2. Ensure Safety

Always start by ensuring your firearm is unloaded. Remove the magazine, check the chamber, and ensure there are no rounds in the rifle.

3. Disassemble the BCG

Follow these steps to disassemble your BCG:

  1. Remove the BCG from the Rifle:

    • Separate the upper and lower receivers.
    • Pull back the charging handle to extract the BCG from the upper receiver.
  2. Disassemble the BCG:

    • Remove the firing pin retaining pin.
    • Extract the firing pin.
    • Remove the cam pin by rotating it 90 degrees and lifting it out.
    • Pull the bolt out of the carrier.

4. Clean the BCG

Before lubricating, ensure all parts of the BCG are clean. Use a brush to remove any carbon buildup and a cloth to wipe down all components. Pay particular attention to the bolt, cam pin, and firing pin, as these areas tend to accumulate the most debris.

5. Apply Lubrication

When applying lubricant, focus on these key areas:

  1. Bolt: Apply a nice coat of lubricant to the bolt, especially the areas that make contact with the inside of the carrier.
  2. Cam Pin: Apply lubricant to the cam pin and the area where it rotates within the carrier.
  3. Firing Pin: A light coat on the firing pin helps reduce friction as it moves within the bolt.
  4. Carrier Rails: Apply lubricant to the carrier rails that slide along the upper receiver. This helps ensure smooth cycling.
  5. Gas Rings: Apply a small amount of lubricant to the gas rings on the bolt. Avoid over-lubricating this area to prevent attracting excess debris.

6. Reassemble the BCG

After lubrication, reassemble the BCG:

  1. Insert the bolt into the carrier.
  2. Install the cam pin by rotating it 90 degrees to secure it in place.
  3. Insert the firing pin into the bolt carrier, ensuring it slides all the way in.
  4. Secure the firing pin with the retaining pin.

7. Reinstall the BCG

Once reassembled, slide the BCG back into the upper receiver, aligning it with the charging handle. Reattach the upper and lower receivers.

Additional Tips

  • Regular Inspection: Periodically inspect your BCG for signs of wear or damage. Replace any worn-out components to maintain optimal performance.
  • Consistent Cleaning: Clean your BCG thoroughly during disassembly to remove carbon buildup and ensure smooth operation.
  • Proper Storage: Store your rifle in a dry, cool place to prevent moisture buildup and corrosion.


Proper lubrication of your AR-15's bolt carrier group is a straightforward but essential task that ensures your rifle remains reliable and functional. By following these steps and regularly maintaining your BCG, you can enjoy smooth, trouble-free shooting experiences. Remember, a well-maintained rifle is a reliable rifle. For a visual guide, check out our video on lubricating the AR-15 BCG, which provides step-by-step instructions to make the process even easier.